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By on 29 October, 2013


7 November: EER CN 1300003; Seismic Interpretation Services; Department of State Development, Business and Innovation, Vic.

Seismic Interpretation services are required to support and challenge the delivery of CarbonNet’s storage work program. The service provider will be responsible for the interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic datasets in the Gippsland Basin integrated with modelling work carried out within the storage team. External relationships may include communications with third party geoscience software suppliers.

Contact Robert Forte on email: <carbonnet.industry@dsdbi.vic.gov.au>.



7 November: ACPN_12983; Stormwater Modelling and Flood Hazard Mapping Services; Auckland Council, NZ.

Council seeks tenders forstormwater modelling and flood hazard mapping for Ellerslie. This investigation requires construction of new hydraulic models for the study area, which are required to meet the objectives of this investigation, which will involve 2-dimensional overland flow modelling.

Contact Reema Poonja <Reema.Poonja@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz> on +64-9-624-4947.



8 November: DMITRE024877; Mine Specialist Consultancy Panel; Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy, SA.

DMITRE seeks to appoint a panel of experts in a number of disciplines that can provide expert advice on a range of issues pertaining to various aspects of the mining life cycle. DMITRE seeks experienced consultants within the following categories to provide advice on a number of projects.

  • Geotechnical
  • Geochemistry
  • Cover Design
  • Landform (Performance Post Closure).

Contact Tanaz Pochkhanawalla <Tanaz.pochkhanawalla2@sa.gov.au> on +61-8-8204-1149.



18 November: 2013/14 – 34; Asset Management Services Provider Panel; Frankston City Council, Vic.

Council invites tenders for this panel. It intends to establish a contract of approved providers of asset management services for a period of two years.

Contact Craig Dinsdale on +61-3-9784-1044; or email: <tender.box@frankston.vic.gov.au>.



19 November: 36.00499; Telemetry System; Bathurst Regional Council, NSW.

Council is seeking tenders for the design and installation of a complete telemetry system for the water and wastewater network within the city and three remote locations in the Bathurst LGA.

Register and download documents at www.tenderlink.com/bathurst.



19 November: DOH0840112A; [Re-Issue] Medical Instrument Tracking System [Note new closing date and Ref#]; Department of Health, WA.

Tenders are sought for a medical instrument tracking system including associated hardware and software support services. Initially, the system will be installed at the Osborne Park Hospital. However the department reserves the right for other hospitals to undertake procurement of this system.

Contact Bob Bannister <bob.bannister@finance.wa.gov.au> on +61-8-6551-1476; technical enquiries to Stuart Pestana <stuart.pestana@health.wa.gov.au>.



27 November: RFPMRWA002313; Travel Time Data Collection; Main Roads WA.

Tenders are sought for the provision of travel time data in Western Australia collected by satellite navigation GPS technology. Historical travel time (speed) data collected by satellite navigation GPS technology is to be provided for all major roads in the Perth Metropolitan and Peel Region area. An option to provide data for the whole of Western Australia will be requested, along with an option to provide real-time travel time data in the Perth Metropolitan and the Peel Region area.

Contract enquiries to Aniza Zarol <aniza.zarol@mainroads.wa.gov.au>; technical enquiries to Young Yoo <young.yoo@mainroads.wa.gov.au> on +61-8-932-4561.



28 November: 2013080; Survey and Design Services; Public Transport Authority, WA.

PTA seeks survey and design services for its bus stop accessibility works program. It has recently been allocated significant funding to undertake an ongoing works program that will progressively make all 13,000 bus stops meet the requirements of Disability Standards.

Contact John Glenn <john.glenn@pta.wa.gov.au> on +61-8-9326-2536.



29 November: SUP-11474; Aerial Laser Survey Services; Transpower, NZ.

Transpower requires ALS services with subsequent data processing and PLS-CADD modelling of Transmission assets and topography within New Zealand.  Transpower owns a network over 12,000km and anticipates survey in the order of 1,500km every two years in the immediate future.

Contact Trisha Shute on email: <Procurement@transpower.co.nz>.


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