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By on 28 May, 2013

31 May: Q13-0259; Whole of Government Organisation Charting Solution; Department of Corporate and Information Services, NT. Tenders are sought for this project.

Enquiries phone +61-8-8999-1550.



5 June: PSC – 2357; Geotechnical and Contamination Assessment, CBD & South East Light Rail Project; Transport NSW. TfNSW requires the provision of geotechnical and contamination services to provide characterisation of the geology, terrain and subsurface conditions along the preferred route alignment for the CBD and South East Light Rail Project.

Contact Nick Spear <Nicolas.Spear@transport.nsw.gov.au> on +61-2-8265-8933.



14 June: RFT24052013PTS; Prosthetics Tracking System; Serco Australia for Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA. The hospital seeks a system to support activities associated with the accurate tracking of high value orthopaedic devices and prosthetics. The hospital wants to be able to accurately record the items at the hospital, in order to ensure proper alignment with clinical and surgical outcomes.
Register and access documents by following the link on http://events.transaxions.com/service.aspx?event=6560.
Contact Merridith Billings on email: <vendor.data@serco-ap.com.au>.



13 June: 22291.110; Consultant, Ginninderra Creek Flooding & Dam Assessment; Roads ACT. This study is being carried out by Roads ACT which manages the maintenance of the dams, including implementing dam emergency procedures. It also arranges for regular engineering safety inspections of the dams. The ACT Emergency Services Agency requires the provision of updated and relevant flood mapping to aid emergency planning and response during flood events. The scope of the consultancy is the investigation of the hydrology and hydraulics of the Ginninderra Creek catchment, with the services to be provided in three phases. The consultancy includes detailed survey, where required, to enable the development of a detailed flood model and associated mapping. High Definition Laser Scanning is an acceptable methodology for this survey work.

Contact Belinda Sarafov on +61-2-6207-6537, or email: <SharedServicesProcurementGSThree@act.gov.au>. If Project Officer is not available, contact Phil Slater on +61-2-6207-0229.



14 June: PRI-00002831; Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowship Selection Panel; Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education [Aust]. The Scholarships and Fellowships are the government’s internationally competitive, merit-based scholarship program. It provides opportunities for Australians to undertake study, research and professional development abroad, and for citizens of the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. It is a merit-based scholarship program. The selection panels draw on expertise and knowledge of external academic staff and other qualified professionals to conduct a merit based selection process and ensure the integrity of the Scholarships and Fellowships is maintained.  The purpose of the selection panels is to provide assessment and recommendations from a professional and academic perspective in preparation for final approval of Scholarships and Fellowships.

Enquiries email: <endeavour@innovation.gov.au>.



21 June: CMU C150 2013; Panel – Information, Communications and Technology Hardware; Department of Treasury and Finance, Tas. The department invites additional new tenders from manufacturers/resellers for the supply of information, communication and technology hardware and support services to meet the operational needs of the Tasmanian government. The panel contract (C150) is for a period commencing from acceptance until April 2015.

Contact Chris Eickhoff <chris.eickhoff@treasury.tas.gov.au> on +61-3-6233-6220.



25 June: E0713; Environmental Sustainability Information Management Solution; City of Sydney, NSW. Council invites expressions of interest for the provision of a unified Solution. The City is seeking to improve the coverage, frequency and consistency of its current environmental sustainability information sources to assist it to meet its 2030 targets by providing more accurate LGA and operational environmental information. Information is sought on a solution that will unify existing environmental sustainability systems.

Contact Michael Lowe <mlowe@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au> on +61-2- 9265-9057.



25 June: 1300692; SCADA Support Services; Northern Rivers Water Group, NSW. Expressions of interest are invited for the supply of SCADA support services including telemetry, PLC, programming and computer support. Contractors are required to provide services to one or all of the Northern Rivers Water Group members. Members of this group include Ballina, Bellingen, Clarence Valley, Coffs Harbour, Kyogle, Lismore and Richmond Valley councils and Rous Water.
Documents are at https://tenders.nsw.gov.au/DFS.
Contact Luigi Molinari <luigi.molinari@services.nsw.gov.au> on +61-2-6626-5647; mob: 0467-722-258.



25 June: EOI1300692; Data Acquisition Support Services; Northern Rivers Water Group, NSW. Expressions of interest are sought for participation in a panel of providers to deliver supervisory control and data acquisition support services for the Group.
Contact Luigi Molinari <luigi.molinari@services.nsw.gov.au> on +61-2-6626-5647; mob: 0467-722-258.

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