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12 June: NPSP027595; Design Brief, Bicycle Boulevard Beulah Road, Norwood. City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, South Australia.

The Council is seeking specialist expertise to prepare 2-3 detailed design options (or variations within a particular design) for the infrastructure and other physical treatments that can be implemented along the length of Beulah Road between Portrush Road and Fullarton Road, Norwood to form a Bicycle Boulevard. These will be consulted on and refinement will be required to deliver a final preferred design.

Further details at URL above.



19 June: 12333255; Road Network Dataset. New Zealand Transport Agency.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (Transport Agency) is seeking to procure a licence to use a road network dataset that will comprise of a physical description of the road network and will allow for routing/network analysis to be performed using a connected network model.

It is important to the Transport Agency that the dataset is accurate and that on-going automated updates are delivered in an efficient and effective manner.

This dataset is intended to be used as a core reference dataset for multiple systems within the Transport Agency including the Enterprise Geospatial platform, CAS (Crash Analysis System) and to append RAMM information. It is expected that the supplied dataset will have a high reuse values for these various systems with no manipulation required.

The Transport Agency is interested in investigating the cost of a number of different licence models starting at a base model of the Transport Agency and Transport Agency contractors, through to a Transport Agency, Transport Agency contractors, Ministry of Transport, transport sector wide users, Local Councils and public use (attributed non-commercial use only)

Deadline to register for respondent briefing session: 12:00pm 29/05/15

Date/time of the respondent briefing session 2:00pm – 3:00pm 02/06/15

Deadline for Questions from suppliers: 5:00pm 12/06/15

Deadline for the Buyer to answer respondents questions: 5:00pm 17/06/15

Jo Janaszkiewicz, +64 (4) 894 6732



22 June: T15-1502; Darwin Region – Litchfield National Park – Design, Documentation and Certification Consultancy. Department of Infrastructure, Northern Territory.

The Parks and Wildlife Commission Northern Territory (PWCNT) have secured funding for a capital works project for 2015-16 to upgrade various facilities throughout Litchfield National Park and have engaged the Department of Infrastructure (DOI) to manage this project.

This Contract is to include the following consultancy services and engagement of any sub-consultants required to provide investigation, design, documentation and certification services.

Further details at URL above.



26 June: 12353030; What is the value of public transport as a network – spatial and temporal services coverage? New Zealand Transport Agency.

This research is seeking to determine the short and long term contributions of individual routes to the total benefit value generated by the network. In order to understand both short and long run benefit streams. The project aims to develop an equilibrium model of network use, capturing endogenity between public transport use, demand for residential locations and house price effects illustrated by case studies. The implementation will make use of optimal planning, and develop an empirical methodology that the Transport Agency could use for future benefit calculations.

A better understanding of the economic value of levels of service within the public transport network may:

  • Influence network planning decisions of approved organsiations. Decisions to reduce/increase services with lower patronage (coverage, off peak, feeder services) will impact on the spatial and economic characteristics of urban and provinical centres.
  • Help to influence network reviews alongside best practice network design and costing data.
  • Be an input into Transport Agency funding assessment processes, by providing further information about how public transport serivces may be assessed
  • Improve clarity about the linkages and synergies between different types of services, from a individual services level (microeconomic) perspective
  • Improve understanding of the tradeoffs between public transport and other modes as part of the network operating framework, and contribute to integrating one network for customers that maximises returns for New Zealand.

Deadline for Questions from suppliers:          12 June 2015 10.00am

Deadline for the Buyer to answer suppliers’ questions:              17 June 2015

Deadline for Proposals:     26 June 2015 9.00am

Jo Janaszkiewicz, +64 (4) 894 6732



26 June: PRI-00003339; National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Site Characterisation Study. Department of Industry and Science, Australia.

The Department seeks services to assist it to deliver a comprehensive package to the government which will form the basis for any decision to proceed towards construction and operation of a national radioactive waste management facility.

A suitable contractor  is required to provide comprehensive management and delivery of the required elements of the project including:

(i) develop a Detailed Business Case for the Facility in accordance with the Two Stage Capital Works Approval Process for Australian Government Construction Projects

(ii) undertake initial site characterisation studies of shortlisted sites nominated for the national radioactive waste management facility.

(iii) develop a Safety Case for the basic engineering design in accordance with guidance by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

Project Officer, radioactivewaste@industry.gov.au


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