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By on 15 July, 2014

22 July 2014: HIB176; Asset Management Services. Queensland Health Capital Delivery Program.

The Service Provider is required to lead and mentor the following HHS asset teams in undertaking a joint assessment of their respective asset management capability to manage assets within their property portfolios:

Tranche 2 HHSs to be assessed within six weeks of engagement:

a)      Sunshine Coast HHS

b)      Gold Coast HHS

c)       West Moreton HHS

d)      Darling Downs HHS

e)      Cairns and Hinterland HHS

f)       Mackay HHS

Tranche 3 HHSs to be assessed by the end of 2014:

a)      Cape and Torres HHS

b)      Central Queensland HHS

c)       Wide Bay HHS

d)      Children’s Health Queensland HHS

e)      North West HHS

f)       Central West HHS

g)      South West HHS

Technical contact: Graeme McKenzie 0405 228 054 lbtp@health.qld.gov.au.



23 July 2014: 14-15858; Reservoir Dynamic Modelling Sensitivity Study. Victorian Department of State Development, Business and Innovation.

The Reservoir Dynamic Modelling Sensitivity Study is required to support the delivery of CarbonNet’s storage work program. The service provider will be responsible for modifying and using existing dynamic models and optionally building new dynamic models and variants on existing ones.

Technical contact:  Robert Forte carbonnet.industry@dsdbi.vic.gov.au.



31 July 2014: LPI 1314067; LandXML Capture of existing Deposited Plans. NSW Land & Property Information – OFS.

LPI is using this expression of interest process to explore the possibility of engagement with external contractors to undertake manual capture of LandXML data from existing plan images.

Contact: Kelly Haggett (02) 8258 7564 kelly.haggett@lpi.nsw.gov.au.



14 August 2014: CCW026085; Flood Modelling & Mapping and Analysis of Existing Infrastructure for City of Whyalla, SA.

Whyalla City Council is calling for tenders for the provision of flood mapping study of the floodplain of the City of Whyalla, stormwater analysis of existing infrastructure (in TUFLOW), prepare Stormwater Management Plan and include concept design of stormwater harvesting for the city.

The purpose of this study is to provide technically sound, accurate and up to date flood modelling and mapping, and flood risk assessment for the purpose of stormwater management, asset development and planning and risk management for the Whyalla City Council.

Contact: Peter Haese (08) 8640 3455 peter.haese@whyalla.sa.gov.au.

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