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By on 15 March, 2016


Closing 21 March: PRO2316; Mapping of Distribution Boards. Programmed Facility Management. Landgate – Midland. Western Australia.

Programmed Facility Management (PFM) on behalf of the Building Management and Works (BMW) and Western Australian Land Information Authority (Landgate) are seeking Tenders from suitably qualified and experienced contractors to undertake the Mapping of the Distribution Boards at Landgate Midland.

Contact: Phillip Smith, + 61 (0) 447 905 008, phill.smith@programmed.com.au. +



Closing 22 March: DPTI039076; The Provision of an Asset Management Professional Services. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. South Australia.

Further details at above URL.

Contact: Andrew Bosco, +61 (0)8 8343 2327, andrew.bosco@saugov.sa.gov.au.



Closing 29 March: 17312605; Catchment Containment Mapping. Auckland Council. New Zealand.

Auckland Council Environmental Services (ES) is seeking to engage a consulting firm with suitably qualified and experienced staff, to undertake a desktop study leading to the preparation of contaminant source maps.

The maps, which are to be based on existing available data, will show known sources, loads and source areas of sediment, nutrient, bacteriological, heavy metal and temperature contamination in the fresh water bodies of the catchments, and the relative contribution of each known source to overall contaminant loads in the receiving harbours. The output from the study will be used to identify areas for action and to inform future project planning in focus and preparatory catchments.

Contact: Liz Raos, elizabeth.raos@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz.



Closing 4 April: 17291930; Impact Evaluation of the Futureintech Programme. Ministry for Primary Industries. New Zealand.

For around 12 years, Futureintech has been delivering on initiatives designed to stimulate interest in tertiary study and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and more recently, an increased emphasis on the primary industries. It does this through building strong relationships between industry and education communities.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and Callaghan Innovation are looking to evaluate the impact of Futureintech’s programmes to date, and capture baseline data related to the primary industries.

Contact: Kirk Saunders (further contact details available at above URL).




Closing 5 April: COB039018; Recreation Trail Strategy. City of Burnside. South Australia.

To ensure that all assets reflect the needs of the community, both now and into the future, the City of Burnside has developed various strategies including the Open Space Strategy and Property Strategy to guide future development. Aims within these strategies include:

  • review the type, distribution and effectiveness of existing recreation and community facilities and services,
  • identify existing gaps in assets, service provision and location; and
  • Identify future requirements.

Contact: Darren Campbell, 8366 4122.



Closing 5 April: FIN16006; Specialist Utilities Technical & Engineering Advice – Panel Contract, Department of Finance. Western Australia.

The Department of Finance, Public Utilities Office has a requirement to establish a Panel Contract of Specialist Technical Engineering Advisers who can provide independent advice for a range of activities relating to utility services.

Contact: Shane Davies, +61 (0)8 6551 1035, shane.davies@finance.wa.gov.au.



Closing 11 April: D16-0031; Remote Aerodrome CASA Compliance Inspections for a Period of 24 Months. Department of Transport. Northern Territory.

Further details at above URL.

Contact: +61 (0)8 8924 7342.




Closing 12 April: 17304864; Great Kiwi Road Trips. New Zealand Transport Agency.

Improve understanding of visitor expectations on key journeys to grow landmark tourism destinations for regional economic benefit.

The research will be independent research, albeit guided by a research project steering group which will be chaired by a Transport Agency representative. The results of the research must be able to be cost effectively applied in New Zealand in the short-to-medium term for longer-term impacts.

Contact: Corporate Procurement, corporateprocurement@nzta.govt.nz.



Closing 21 April: Q15-0779; Planning Infrastructure for Future Integrated Ferry Services. Department of Transport. Northern Territory.

Further details at above URL.

Contact: +61 (0)8 8924 7342


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