Teledyne Optech distribution secured by Position Partners

By on 31 October, 2017

Teledyne Optech’s Polaris long-range 3D laser scanner. Image provided by Position Partners.

Teledyne Optech’s Polaris long-range 3d laser scanner, along with Maverick and Lynx platforms to be distributed by Position Partners across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Teledyne Optech’s Polaris model is a terrestrial 3D laser scanner that can deliver high accuracy point clouds up to distances of 1.6 kilometres. Ideal for mining, civil engineering and other long range applications, the Polaris also includes a built-in camera for 360-degree photography and geo-referencing for survey information.

For mobile mapping applications, the Maverick is a uniquely portable system that weighs less than nine kilograms and can be assembled on any vehicle fitted with a roof rack or other suitable frame. Teledyne Optech markets the Maverick is an all-in-one setup that is ready to work in minutes.

For survey grade accuracy on vehicle mapping applications, Position Partners will also work alongside Teledyne Optech to deliver the Lynx advanced scanning and lidar mobile platform. Position Partners claim that this custom-designed solution offers the very highest standards of performance and provides millimetre-level accuracy.


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