Spookfish makes first moves into North America

By on 28 June, 2016


Perth-based aerial imagery startup Spookfish Limited has announced that the company has entered into a comprehensive agreement with North American imagery provider EagleView Technologies. Under the terms of the agreements, EagleView will have the exclusive rights to operate the custom-designed Spookfish Capture Platform in North America. The agreement will allow Spookfish to introduce their innovative capture system to an international market.

The Spookfish Capture Platform allows for the comprehensive acquisition of aerial imagery use multiple sensors, meaning 3D models can be generated as well as aerial imagery that is higher resolution and taken more regularly than from other providers. Since a backdoor listing onto the ASX in 2015 and strong investment growth, excitement has been building as to when Spookfish will roll out its unique approach to the market.

The partnership with EagleView will enable Spookfish to enter the North American market more quickly with less risk, leveraging its local flight operations capabilities and gaining immediate access to EagleView’s distribution channels and customer relationships in major markets such as government, insurance, construction, solar technologies and public utilities.

EagleView utilises a vast image library and patented 3D measurement software to deliver solutions to customers in the insurance, construction, solar, government and public utility sectors. Spookfish technology will support EagleView as it seeks to capture higher resolution imagery on a more frequent basis over a greater area.

EagleView will have an exclusive, long-term licence to operate Spookfish Capture Platform technologies and the rights to market, promote, sell and distribute output products in North America. In exchange, EagleView will pay Spookfish a royalty fee per square mile as well as a share of revenues earned from the operation of the Spookfish capture system.

Under the agreement, the first Spookfish system is scheduled to be operating in North America prior to the end of 2016, with EagleView funding the development, delivery, installation and certification of all systems supplied by Spookfish for operation in the North American market.

The agreement also includes provisions to expand the rollout of the Spookfish Capture Platform into other geographies on a large scale to take advantage of significant global market opportunities for Spookfish.

The agreement will allow Spookfish to focus its efforts on maintaining its technology leadership and accelerate the development of its product roadmap. Spookfish and EagleView have also indicated a collaborative project that has been undertaken to develop new technologies to meet immediate demand in the North American market.

Spookfish will continue with its own commercialisation strategies in Australia and New Zealand with the option to license EagleView’s operating capabilities and analytics reports for use in the local market as well.

Commenting on the signing of the agreements with EagleView, Executive Chairman, Jason Marinko said, “From the outset, Spookfish has received overwhelming interest in its technology from global GIS industry suppliers and customers due to the significant performance and cost advantages of the Spookfish technology.”

“However, whilst we have acknowledged the enormous global opportunities for our technology, we have always appreciated the cost, time, resources and operational risks of entering the major established markets for our services.”

“As such, we are very excited to be partnering with the North American market leader, EagleView, who has similar aspirations to accelerate the growth of premium GIS services amongst its existing customer base as well as new and emerging markets.”

For further information and to register your interest visit the Spookfish website.

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