Position magazine Aug/Sep 2016 Issue

By on 31 May, 2016


Position magazine is excited to announce an upcoming issue focussing on two areas in dire need of spatial attention. Individuals and organisations are invited to contribute to the Position Media Network by addressing the following subject areas.

The rapidly growing field of smart transport and logistics, as well as the mining, exploration and resources sector, need spatial technologies to prosper as much as we need these fields to ensure sustainable economies. A special report on the latest developments in remote sensing and cartography will also be explored in-depth to analyse the opportunities for these areas and the spatial industry more broadly.

Mining will be a prominent area of interest for Position readers, with the International Congress on Mine Surveying (ICMS) visiting Brisbane in November. Since the resources sector continues to benefit from some of the largest operating budgets of any industry, spatial professionals in these fields are at the forefront of technology and have the unique opportunity to explore the latest developments at a large scale.

The Australian Federal Government’s commitment to smart cities and innovation needs to be elevated from vague philosophy to specifics. The Position Media Network will begin this discussion ahead of the World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS2016) in Melbourne this October. Position #84 will explore the opportunities that will enhance cities’ liveability and efficiency, such as unmanned logistics, IoT, BIM and indoor positioning.

With impending proliferation of small satellite constellations, real-time imagery and machine-learned feature extraction, there is much to talk about when it comes to remote sensing and cartography. From international space agencies, to start-ups and citizen scientists, this issue will assess how what we see from above can benefit what happens here on Earth.

Find out about this and a whole lot more in the next Position.

Bonus distribution- as media partner, the Position magazine will be distributed to all delegates and visitors at:

  • International Congress on Mine Surveying (ICMS), 12-16 November, Brisbane

If your business supplies equipment, software and/or services in to the surveying, GIS, mapping, data acquisition and processing, and consultancy areas, Position magazine is your gateway to the professionals in need of your spatial attention. Don’t miss your chance to reach them in the massive August/September issue of Position!

Editorial Contributions Deadline: 16 June 2016

Advertising Booking Deadline: 12 July 2016

Advertising Material Deadline: 15 July 2016

To secure your position today please contact Emil Montibeler, National Advertising Manager for the Position Media Network. Email: emontibeler@intermedia.com.au or ph: 02 8586 6128


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