NSW Location Intelligence Strategy released

By on 6 May, 2014

NSW Location Intelligence Strategy

The NSW Government has released its Location Intelligence Strategy, which has been developed to increase both the use and value of location-based information in public, private, and community decision making, planning and service delivery across the State.

“Every decision we make, every event or activity we do in our daily lives involves location,” said the NSW minister for finance and services, the Hon. Dominic Perrottet, MP. “Whether we are determining the best site for a new school, setting up a new business venture, staging a community event, responding to emergency events, or finding our way to work, location intelligence is of vital importance.

“This Strategy supports and complements the transformation of Government through the NSW ICT Strategy by unlocking the potential of Government location-based data, platforms, and services that can be easily accessed by Government, industries, and communities.

“The NSW Location Intelligence Strategy gives a clear roadmap to a better future by providing a consistent information framework enriched by online web services, mobile apps and social media to maximise the value of location-based information in all decision-making, planning and service delivery across NSW.”

The implementation of NSW Location Intelligence Strategy will be guided by an Action Plan which sets actions and tasks for each of the five strategic initiatives in the Strategy.

  1. Build awareness, capacity and capability by promoting the importance, value and benefits of location intelligence to the State’s public, private and community sectors.
  2. Integrate governance and coordination by reviewing current location intelligence sharing practices and develop a new framework that provides integrated governance and coordination across all location intelligence providers in NSW.
  3. Identify and manage government location-based data by establishing whole-of-government processes for identifying, collecting and managing authoritative location-based data.
  4. Link NSW Government data to location by ensuring a location dimension is available for all key NSW Government economic, social and environmental data.
  5. Leverage whole-of-government location platforms and services by ensuring all NSW Government location intelligence can be easily accessed and utilised by government, industries and communities.

The NSW Location Intelligence Strategy is an initiative of the NSW Location Leadership Group, established to provide a whole-of-government strategic approach to maximise the value and benefits of location intelligence. Through an extensive consultation process with NSW businesses, non-government organisations, and peak professional and research bodies, the Strategy sets a whole-of-state strategic framework for the innovative use of location intelligence.

“Government will be able to make smart choices about where to invest in infrastructure and services, business will be able to leverage location based information for new products and services and the community will have mobile and online access to information,” said surveyor general for NSW, Des Mooney. “Better information will result in better decisions and better outcomes.”

You can download a copy of the NSW Location Intelligence Strategy from the NSW Department of Finance & Services website.

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