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By on 21 October, 2014


LISTECH’s latest version of its LISCAD surveying and engineering software, V 11.2, introduces a multitude of new features and enhancements requested by customers around the world.

Some of the new features include:

  • Drape Lines on a model – This new command allows any lines to be modified or copied such that the modified or copied lines becomes coincident with the model surface.
  • Background Images greatly enhanced to support extremely large images – Use very large images as a background to your vector data and for easy heads up digitising.
  • World files supported in background Images – World files provide information enabling the automatic georeferencing of an associated image when importing the image into LISCAD.
  • 3D Display functionality has been enhanced – Set Orbit Point allows you to select a point as a target for the orbit camera to pivot around. Snappping in 3D View now conveniently makes all the 3D Display commands available.
  • Photo Tables created via CAD Output – Photo tables can be created for AutoCAD, MicroStation and LISCAD CAD. The tables can include the actual photos with names, descriptions and reference numbers. The reference numbers are also shown in the plan beside the objects to which the photos relate (points, lines, polygons).
  • Photo Report now available – Tailored photo reports can be created showing the photos at desired size with your selection of attributes.
  • Break lines exported to Leica sensors as 3D Lines – refer to Data Conversions/Export menu or the Add/Remove option for the Nova and Viva Points Lines and Areas export commands.
  • Mid Azimuth Reports are now available – A new polygon report can now be created showing mid azimuths and angles.
  • Output to AutoCAD has been enhanced – Splines may now be exported as AutoCAD splines or polylines.
  • Import from AutoCAD has been enhanced – Complex polylines may now optionally be imported as lines, or their individual components (arcs, splines, lines).
  • Copy Long Section has been enhanced – A height difference can be applied.
  • More Projections supported – various Vanuatu projections are now available.
  • e-Plan enhancements – Various enhancements for all Australian e-Plan jurisdictions.
  • R-SPEC and D-SPEC exports enhanced – Various enhancements to these exports which are supported in both MapInfo MIF/MID and ESRI shape file format.
  • Other general enhancements throughout the system.

This major release of LISCAD 11.2 has been preceded recently by LISCAD 11.1, also a major release. As such, please also peruse the What’s New in 11.1 to get a complete feel for all the great new functionality that has been released in the past 6 months.

For more information, visit the LISCAD website.

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