Takor Group plans to make ASX debut

By on 3 May, 2017

Takor’s core product, Mappt, an Android-based mapping application.

Perth-based geospatial mapping firm Takor Group has announced plans to list on the Australian Stock Exchange and is looking raise AU$8 million in a global roll-out.

If the initial public offering (IPO) goes ahead successfully, Takor will join a growing list of Australian geospatial technology companies now stocking on the ASX, including Spookfish, Nearmap and Veris.

Takor’s core product, Mappt, is an Android based mobile mapping and data collection system that has now been downloaded over 16,000 times.

Takor Group was founded in 2009 by Amir Farhand in Perth, Western Australia with an initial focus on using satellite imagery for iron ore exploration. It was in 2011, however, that Takor initiated research and development into field mobile mapping technologies and thermal imaging systems.

“Google Maps on steroids”

It was during this R&D phase, that Takor Group created and released the mobile mapping application Mappt. Described by Mr Farhand as “Google Maps on steroids,” Mappt is a mobile GIS app that allows users to harness the power of offline data collection with mobile devices. Soon after, Takor also released the social media mapping app Kojai

Unlike desktop solutions that incur fees and licensing, Takor aims to provide mobile-friendly solutions with lower fees, both for individuals and for enterprise customers alike.

Farhand says that his company’s technologies are part of the ‘democratisation’ of geospatial technologies.

“Takor is born at a time when geospatial and mapping technology is being democratised and shared,” Farhand said. “No longer do you need to be an expert to collect, view and share geospatial data.”

“What Takor has done is build products that incorporate all three factors into one by leveraging mass consumer devices such as mobile phones and tablets.”

We are an early mover into a rapidly growing market.”

Takor Group founder Amir Farhand.

Global roll-out

Since 2013, Takor Group has rapidly expanded to focus on military, asset management and, increasingly, agriculture. Takor’s registered users now include BHP Billiton, Samsung, American Geosciences, the World Wildlife Foundation, the US military and various government and environmental organisations. A planned ASX listing in 2015 alongside Bone Medical did not go ahead, with the company instead opting to go public on their own in 2017.

Moving ahead, the proceeds from the IPO will go towards recruiting sales staff for a planned expansion across Europe, North America and Asia.

Takor’s software development has now expanded to include SCTIndex, a global commodity inventory monitor and geospatial photo-sharing and messaging service Kojai. The company is also in the process of launch Koomba, a service which allows users to build their own Mappt-based customised geospatial solutions.

Takor currently distributes Mappt via the Google Play store, where it is priced at US$60 for a a standard license and US$80 per month for a professional license. Its military version, Mappt Military, is available from GEOINT Military App Stores.

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