The first augmented reality UAV game

By on 3 May, 2017

A momentous occasion nexus in technologies was reached this week when Augmented Reality (AR), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and video gaming all converged with the release of the very first AR drone game.

Edgybees, who claim to be the world’s first dedicated augmented reality drone technology company, yesterday launched a new augmented reality mobile application called ‘DronePrix AR’.

Developed using DJI’s software development kit (SDK), the DronePrix AR is the first ever AR mobile app created specifically for DJI’s aerial platforms, allowing users, especially new drone pilots, to master their skills in a fun, safe and immersive way. The game is compatible with DJI drones, including the Phantom 3, the Phantom 4 and the Mavic Pro.

DronePrix AR challenges players to fly their drone through a virtual obstacle course while collecting prizes and avoiding obstacles along the way. Drone pilots can compete over the best performance, points and time to have their name placed on the leaderboard alongside other drone pilots around the world.

Real-life piloting skills

“When we first came up with the idea for this app, we wanted to create a new experience for pilots combining the joys of flying with the thrills of gamification,” said Menashe Haskin, Edgybees CTO & Co-Founder. “The DronePrix AR app is really the first augmented reality social game designed specifically to do just that.”

“In contrast with flight simulators, DronePrix AR provides a much more immersive experience that combines virtual obstacles with real-life piloting skills.”

DronePrix AR is a mobile app that can be downloaded to the user’s smartphone by downloading from the App Store or Play Store. Once the drone, remote controller and mobile app are connected, the user will get the drone’s camera view on their mobile device, they can then select the course and start gaming.

Much like any modern game, Drone Prix includes solo and competition modes, track guiding, social engagement and over 30 different obstacle courses.

Not just another game

While it’s easy to write off the DronePrix AR app as just another game, it could also be seen as just the start of an increased use of AR in UAV applications.

As one of the largest drone technology companies worldwide, DJI are also moving into the professional services market, following the launch of their M200 series built for surveying applications earlier this year. They have also worked closely with industrial partners the likes of Propeller, Leica and Aibotix and PrecisionHawk.

The Edgybees team used DJI’s Mobile SDK to bring their idea to life hope to see the app change the way people experience flying a drone. By supporting innovation like Drone Prix, DJI’s Mobile SDK has the potential to unlock many new exciting applications- professional applications included.

“DJI’s support for the startup and developer communities has not only meant creation of new usage applications, but also new business opportunities,” said Taehyun Moon, DJI’s Director of Brand Management. “The Drone Prix app is one of the many great examples of how our SDK has opened doors to new creative possibilities and expanded developers’ ability to build exciting new custom applications.”

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