LA Hub: A blueprint for smart communities

By on 9 February, 2016

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Esri President Jack Dangermond unveiled on Friday LA’s new GeoHub service, a citywide application and open data portal. The GeoHub is a first-of-its-kind technology infrastructure that provides location as a service (LaaS) including real-time data and mapping tools.

The below video shows Garcetti explaining the need for a coordinated geospatial infrastructure in Los Angeles and Dangermond explains the specifics of the GeoHub solution, which is supported by open data from over 20 Los Angeles government departments.



The system is already up and running, allowing anyone to use open data from the City of Los Angeles Innovation Hub at no cost. The system not only allows users to explore and download raw data, but also features apps and API’s allowing advanced user to build new applications, create custom visualisation and perform spatial analysis to highlight patterns and trends.

GeoHub’s features three flagship applications:

  • Streetwize: allowing Los Angeles residents, employees and businesses to track permit activity in proposed construction areas.
  • Road to 2400: tracking the Bureau of Street Services’ progress towards repaving the city.
  • Vision Zero High Injury Network: a mapping and analysis tool for traffic accidents and road safety.

In announcing the GeoHub, Dangermond identified L.A.’s need for such a system: “The city runs on geographic data,” said Dangermond. “I’m a little biased about this, but not that much. Maps and geographic information are central to operations in the police department, in public works, in planning – almost every agency.”


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