Best of the Blogs 3 June 2014

By on 3 June, 2014


Geoawesomeness has a post on a great little map by NASA that tracks meteoroids in the sky for the entire globe. Super cool.


The Smithsonian has a bit of a history of ‘modern maps’ (aka GIS), which is worth a look for any GIS users out there (of which, I hope there is a few of you reading this).


Jonathan Crowe has a great post for  the comicbook lovers out there on mapping Batman’s Gotham City. Interestingly, Gotham’s geography was defined in 1998 by illustrator Eliot R. Brown for the ‘No Man’s Land’ storyline and has been used ever since.


Prioleau Advisors has a bit of an overview of what the freshly announced iOS 8 brings to its mapping capabilities, which is to say: location is being integrated into many tasks, but updates to the Maps app itself didn’t really feature. The article offers some interesting ‘whys’, however, so take a look.


IEEE Spectrum reports on a report (ahem) that estimates the global ‘self-driving car’ market will  be worth US$87 billion by 2030. Frankly, I can’t wait for ‘em.


In an interesting (and peculiar) turn of events, the blog that I probably feature the most – Google Maps Mania – has decided to stop covering Google Maps content, in what looks to be a ‘take that!’ move toward Google’s new search algorithms reducing the site’s traffic by 90% over the last 18 months. Keir Clarke, the webmaster, posted the following on Google+:
“Tomorrow I’m going to feature the very last Google Maps on Google Maps Mania,

The blog now gets 10% of the Google search traffic it did just 18 months ago. With Google attempting to kill off Google Maps Mania it would be like a turkey voting for Christmas for me to continue to promote Google Maps and the Google Maps API.

Last week I came very close to giving up completely. But despite Google I still think there is an audience for the blog. So from Wednesday Google Maps Mania will be featuring maps created with Open Street Map, Map Box, Leaflet and other map providers.

If you have any Google Maps you want promoting you have about 24 hours left to submit them to Google Maps Mania.”

You can learn more from the announcement on GMM.


Directions Magazine has a few takeaways from the 2014 Location Intelligence Summit, which was hosted by Directions Magazine two weeks ago.

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