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By on 21 October, 2014

Cartography game

A new Kickstarter campaign has launched called Cartography: A map-making, territory claiming, strategy game for 2 players, ages 10 and up. Looks like a neat little project that’s a cross between Go and Carcassonne.


Geospatial World has interviewed Steven Jacoby, Executive Director, Land & Spatial Information in the Service Delivery Division of the Qld govt. Department of Natural Resources & Mines about the Queensland Globe developed for the G20 summit, as well as Gavin Winter, Project Leader at QUT, about how the project has a specific research and teaching imperative and the manner in which spatial data visualisation is turned into a spectacular affair.


GIS Lounge has a post by Rick Tralies, a community planner with Natural Lands Trust, on how organisations can use Google Earth as an inexpensive (often free) mapping program.


Techcrunch’s Disrupt Europe hackathon has named the Esri-based ‘Infected Flight Disease Mapper’ as its winner. A good nod towards the capabilities of GIS. Indeed, Esri offered their own prize for the best entry based on their tech, too.


LiDAR News talks of a group that has created a 3D model of King Tut’s tomb, in an effort to preserve it for future generations – it’s suffering from over exposure to humans.


Some stunning maps from Maps Mania this week, in particular the Crayon the Grids map, which colour-codes roads based on their orientation.


Directions Magazine is running an obituary for David Huff, pioneer of retail geography.

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