Avenza Releases MAPublisher 9.3 for Adobe Illustrator

By on 13 August, 2013


Avenza Systems has announced the release of MAPublisher 9.3 for Adobe Illustrator.

This latest update includes many new features and is fully compatible with the recently released Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud. The new ability to export a document to web tiles makes it easier than ever to create online maps without extensive web programming knowledge.

“We’re excited to release MAPublisher 9.3, not only because is it compatible with Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud, but it also includes many enhancements to an already extensive feature list,” said Ted Florence, President of Avenza. “We’ve added interactive features that use online map services to help users plot addresses and search for points of interest to add to their maps.”

Enhancements and new features of MAPublisher 9.3

  • Fully compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud for both Windows and Mac
  • New Export Document to Web Tiles feature can export the artboard as tiled images for use in a web-based map
  • New interactive way to plot addresses using the MAP Point Plotter panel (CS6 and CC only)
  • Search for points of interest and add as points to your map with new Find Places tool
  • Added two Add Calculated Data tools: Calculate art bound coordinates and calculate elevation values for point data
  • Added two Path Utilities tools: Create elevation plot and Convert compounds to groups
  • Added file export option to assign metadata for TAB/MIF and KML/KMZ formats
  • Image support now available when importing or exporting KMZ files
  • Updated interface to export a selected image
  • Support for the most recent version of FME Desktop 2013 SP2
  • ArcGIS 10 or later versions of the file geodatabase can be imported for both Windows and Mac
  • Various user interface and performance enhancements to improve usability.

For more information on the release, visit www.avenza.com.

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