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By on 21 June, 2011
Google and Directions Magazine have put a webinar online that outlines the features of Google's cloud-based GISystem, Google Earth Builder. The webinar is free to watch, as long as you throw your contact details their way.
Despite the circa 1999 audio quality of the presentation, there is a lot to be impressed with. You’ll have the ability to upload your shp, csv, kml (of course), GeoTIFF, JP2 or MrSID files, and visualise your vector data with the familiar Google Maps styling tools.
3D models are supported, and uploaded files have almost no file size limitations. Data is managed through a tool that looks similar to MapInfo Manager.
The biggest benefit to all of this is access: GIS operators can access the maps – and spatial analysis tools – from anywhere they have an internet connection, just as clients can access the maps you create.
Speaking of access, you can access this data from the web browser, Google Earth, iOS (iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches), Android devices (smartphones and tablets), Google Maps/Earth APIs, OGC standards and as raw vector features.
As is the norm with Google, all the maps come with their powerful analytics tools, so you can see by whom and how often your maps are accessed.
Prices are yet to be announced, but they are based around a combination of data size and the number of page views your maps generate. Availability will be rolled out in the 3rd quarter.
You can view the webinar here or find out more about Google Earth Builder here.

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