IGNITE competition winners announced

By on 21 December, 2016

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Hexagon Geospatial this week announced the winners of the IGNITE competition. The international competition challenged innovative thinkers to brainstorm real-world problems that could benefit from geospatial technology. They were then asked to use Hexagon Geospatial’s Hexagon Smart M.Apps platform to build applications that transform their ideas into dynamic information services.

The grand prize goes to…


The Grand Prize-winning Smart M.App was awarded to Tomasz Berezowski for the Mind M.App. Berezowski and his Graph Revolution team from The Wroclaw Institute in Poland developed the tool, which introduces a new “data modelling paradigm” to allow you to create maps of associations between entities.” As the Grand Prize Winner, Berezowski will receive a $100,000 prize to invest in his burgeoning geospatial business.


Competition winner Tomasz Berezowski.

“Mind M.App introduces a new data modelling paradigm, allowing you to discover hidden links and uncover spatial patterns,” said Mladen Stojic, President, Hexagon Geospatial. “Mind M.App exemplifies the power of a Hexagon Smart M.App: a dynamic tool for re-envisioning geospatial data in a way that elicits and communicates new insights that can help solve a variety of real-world problems. Congratulations, Tomasz!”

The Mind M.App is the first Smart M.App to combine a graph data model with Hexagon Geospatial’s platform. Using the Mind M.App, you can record complex knowledge gathered during research or an investigation and combine it with external data sources using RDF technology. Once you have your mind map created you can discover hidden links and spatial patterns to provide new insight. This can help in a variety of uses, from helping authorities carrying out investigations, journalists researching stories and forensic scientists tracing genealogy.

Second place


The second place, worth $50,000, was awarded to the Smart Emissions Smart M.app by Paul Geurts and the Municipality of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Smart Emissions combines readings from air and noise pollution sensors and visualises it in a map, facilitating smart cities location information available to citizens and government alike.

Third place

The third place winner, taking $25,000, was Noel Khan and his AiGIS: US Tax Maps application. This Smart M.App is a fully automated application that helps Tax Assessorss efficiently georeference their maps to leverage the spatial relationships in their data.

Honorable Mentions were also issued to Andrew Kerr from Sweden’s My Safari Smart M.App, as well as Jens Hiestermann of South Africa’s GeoFarmer.

“These finalists represent some of the most creative and passionate thinkers in the geospatial arena,” said Hexagon Geospatial President Mladen Stojic. “We started IGNITE with the vision that this could help transform maps from static pictures of the past into dynamic tools for communicating insight. Every competitor accomplished exactly that, and I am pleased to reward them for their labor. I am especially excited to see these ideas, and ideas of others who have been inspired by these IGNITE innovators, come to fruition.”

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