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By on 29 May, 2019

Where the Richest Australians Live

Maps Mania

The ABC has mapped out the average annual income in each local government area (LGA) in the country. Australia’s richest people seem to live in New South Wales and Western Australia. All 10 of the top neighborhoods for income earners can be found in these two states.

Fantasy Maps Don’t Belong in the Hands of Fantasy Characters

The Map Room

A new piece called “Fantasy Maps Don’t Belong in the Hands of Fantasy Characters” deals with the question of in-world fantasy maps: the maps that characters inside a fantasy novel might use.

Extremities of the Earth: Largest Active Volcano

Worlds Revealed: Geography and maps at the Library of Congress

Spewing lava and gas from deep within the earth, volcanoes are one of nature’s most explosive natural features. Thousands of volcanoes dot the planet but only about 1,500 are considered active, meaning they have erupted at some point in the last 10,000 years. The largest of these active volcanoes in both mass and volume is Mauna Loa on the island of Hawaii, the largest island of the Hawaiian archipelago.

The Airspace Mafias

Maps Mania

When you buy a ticket for an international flight the price will partly be determined by airspace fees, the charges that countries around the world require airlines to pay for flying in their airspace. As well as using airspace as a form of generating revenue countries also use access to their airspace as a political tool. The South China Post in Why the World’s Flight Paths are Such a Mess has taken a closer look at the historical, political and financial reasons for why planes take the routes that they do.

Die Zeit Maps European Voting Patterns

The Map Room

Die Zeit looks at European voting patterns in the runup to this weekend’s European elections: the interactive map categorizes each national political party on a spectrum from extreme left to extreme right and maps which political category received the most votes on a regional basis.

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