Best of the Blogs – 8 August 2017

By on 8 August, 2017

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In the wake of war, people can come up with some wacky ideas. Long before the European Union was formed, somebody had the wonderful idea of splitting up Europe like a pie with Vienna in the centre. It was proposed in 1920 to prevent future conflict in Europe, however clearly it never had the desired effect. [Big Think]


Archaeologists have started using GIS to model the sounds heard by people moving through ancient landscapes and buildings. Bringing insights into what an area sounded like allows archaeologists to more fully understand their culture, and thus better relate to them as human beings. ‘Archaeoacoustics’, as they call this method, is opening a new door to the past. [The Conversation]


For the first time, a team of scientists have mapped out all light energy contained within the Milky Way. This will provide new insights into the make-up of our galaxy and how stars in spiral galaxies such as ours form. The map was made possible using a novel method of simulation that tracks the destiny of all photons in the galaxy. []


The world is brimming with wonderful sea monsters, at least, according to these two maps it is. Whether you’re a hunter of dragons, yeti, vampires or niki-nankas there is a map for you. May Maps Mania locate the creature you seek. [Maps Mania].


TripHappy allows you to plan and visualise your next holiday with maps. The company behind it just created an interesting map based on all the travel itineraries made by its users in the past two years (over 17,000 itineraries in 184 countries). The map was created using just the travel points, without any land, sea or geographic borders, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your way in this map. [Geoawesomeness]

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