Geoscience Australia releases Ginan updates

By on 31 May, 2022

Image courtesy Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia has announced that updates for Ginan are available through Geoscience Australia’s GitHub page.

Ginan is the GNSS analysis centre software that delivers a real-time positioning correction service through open-source software and additional positioning products, to enable precise point positioning for Australian industry and users.

Ginan is a key component to the National Positioning Infrastructure Capability (NPIC) and increases positioning accuracy to 3 to 5 centimetres (from 5 to 10 metres) across Australia.

The updates improve on the previous version in a significant number of ways, including:

  • New fix and hold ambiguity resolution algorithm implemented in the PEA
  • Earth Orientation Parameter (EOP) rate parameter estimation implemented in PEA
  • Output of IGS standard Earth Rotation Parameter (.ERP) file format from PEA and POD implemented
  • Seamless integration of updated EOP estimates from PEA into POD reintegrated orbits
  • Export of RINEX v3 observation and navigation files from RTCM stream capability added to the PEA
  • Real time raw RTCM stream binary file recording and playback capability implemented in the PEA
  • Machine readable JSON format output of RTCM correction stream messages implemented in PEA
  • RTCM3 stream monitoring metrics logging capability added to PEA
  • Processing of L1/L5 ionosphere free combination data enabled for L1/L5 only receivers
  • Troposphere (.TRO) file output implemented in the PEA
  • Generalised First Order Gauss Markov (FOGM) Kalman Filter process noise implemented in PEA Kalman Filter
  • Calculation of Kalman Filter Chi Square and W-test statistics implemented
  • PEA Rauch-Tung-Striebel (RTS) smoothing filter algorithm performance improved
  • MongoDash visualisation tool renamed Ginan Exploratory Data Analysis tool (GinanEDA), numerous performance and analytical features added
  • PEA output to MongoDB performance improvement and additional outputs implemented
  • PEA TRACE and solution summary (.SUM) file format updates. All output is now time tagged with improved formatting for easier reading and searching
  • PEA Kalman Filter performance and stability improvements

To accompany the updates, Geoscience Australia has also released an improved Ginan support site. This site contains links to supporting videos on how to install Ginan, documentation on how to use the software and material on the science behind precise point positioning.

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