GeoNext Hack Contest winners announced

By on 4 March, 2014
Treffyn Koreshoff

GoGet first place choice, Treffyn Koreshoff, and his winning entry.

As part of the GeoNext conference held on 26 February, a hack contest was held using data provided by event partners GoGet and HERE.

The competition kicked off with a launch event at GoGet HQ on Saturday 1st February, which was then followed by three weeks of development time from the entrants.

The finalists were then invited to show their works during a special presentation at the GeoNext conference.

The hack contest asked entrants to see what could be done with GoGet’s data, which include GPS locations for their fleet, as well as info on drivers, fuel costs and more. HERE also provided access to its API, which provides basemaps on which to display the data, as well as some geoprocessing tools, traffic information, and more.

There were no specific guidelines for the hack contest – entrants were free to use the GoGet and HERE datasets to create the most compelling demo, application or visualisation.

The finalists chosen all displayed something unique, and ranged from visualisations, to customer engagement, to new ways of loaning out unused vehicles.

The chosen finalists included:

Alex Gilleran: decided to see how much carbon GoGet could save if it switched to electric cars.

Anton Bubna-Litic: did a data visualisation of the GoGet GPS data.

Chase Clettenberg: created a real time method to incentivise returning cars early.

Ian Scrivener: wanted to create a ‘dashboard’ for use at GoGet HQ that would provide real time info on the network.

Hoang Nguyen and Jinjun Sun: decided to make a trip view application for any pod/car including 3D visualisation.

Jeffery Candiloro: decided to focus on saving GoGet money in the form of fuel efficiency.

Owen Earley: wanted to make it simple for members to locate cars, and created an HTML5 web app to do so, which even included nearby attractions.

Treffyn Koreshoff: created a site where you can get to know your fav GoGet car, meet new ones, and perhaps name one.


There were two prize categories: one chosen by GoGet, and by HERE.

GoGet chose:

First place: Treffyn Koreshoff

Second place: Chase Cletternberg

Equal third place: Ian Scrivener

Equal third place: Hoang Nguyen & Jinjun Sun

HERE chose:

First place: Hoang Nguyen & Jinjun Sun

Second place: Jeffery Candiloro

Third place: Chase Cletternberg


Congratulations go out to all the winners, and many thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.

You can view the slideshows of the presentations at the GeoNext website.

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