FIG appointments, schedule for 2022–26

By on 20 July, 2021

Image courtesy FIG

The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) held its General Assembly on 20 and 25 June, in conjunction with the body’s annual Working Week.

Due to the pandemic situation, this was the first time that the General Assembly had been held in virtual session. It also coincided with both the 43rd and 44th General Assemblies, after 2020’s event had to be postponed until this year.

While the minutes have not yet been published, FIG has provided an update on some of the more important decisions made and actions adopted.

Kwame Tenadu (Licenced Surveyors Association of Ghana) and Mikael Lilje (Swedish Professionals for the Built Environment) were confirmed as Vice Presidents for 2021–24.

Ten new elected commission chairs elecs will start their terms as commission chairs 2023–26, including Australians Ryan Keenan and Rohan Bennett (the latter also affiliated with The Netherlands).

The schedule of major events for the next five years was set, being as follows:

  • FIG Congress 2022 — to be held in Warsaw, Poland
  • FIG Working Week 2023 — Orlando, Florida, USA
  • FIG Working Week 2024 — Accra, Ghana
  • FIG Working Week 2025 — Brisbane, Australia
  • FIG Congress 2026 — Cape Town, South Africa

More information on other decisions made during the General Assembly, along with videos of the sessions, can be found on the FIG website.

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