FARO releases new handheld 3D laser scanner

By on 22 September, 2015

faro scanner

FARO has announced the release of the new FARO Scanner Freestyle3D X Handheld Laser Scanner, a 3D Laser Scanner designed to make 3D data acquisition easy and intuitive.

The new Freestyle3D X delivers enhanced scanning accuracy of 1 millimeter at 1-meter range, and its integrated best-point filter improves the quality of the scan data by reducing noise up to 35%.

The Freestyle3D X is designed for use across a broad range of industries, including architecture, engineering and construction, law enforcement, and other industries that document 3D data. The efficient handheld design aims to increase productivity, save time and make effective, data-driven decisions.

The Freestyle3D X is available with a U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable calibration accessory to provide users with verifiable data accuracy, which is critical for applications that require high precision. On-site calibration data is exportable to PDF format allowing information to be easily shared with other team members.

The Freestyle3D X also incorporates an automatic flash mode enabling users to scan objects in a variety of lighting conditions. New software tools deliver an intensely detailed visualization of the created 3D point cloud, and an integrated best-point filter enhances the quality of the scan data by reducing noise up to 35%.  Finally, post-processing functions have also been improved, offering up to 5x faster data saving speed to further improve productivity on the job site.

As the latest in FARO handheld scanner, the Freestyle3D X can be employed as a standalone device or used in concert with FARO Laser Scanner Focus X Series Laser Scanners.

For more information visit: www.faro.com/Scanner/sg.



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