How to Save Time and Money on Photogrammetry Projects

16 November, 2023 all-day
How to Save Time and Money on Photogrammetry Projects

Hosted by Eric Andelin CP, Senior Workflow Specialist with guest speaker Michael O’Sullivan, VP Sales, SimActive Inc.

It is often challenging for new entrants into the aerial imagery and mapping service profession to determine cost savings when it comes to their processing software solution. Smaller sensors, altitude restrictions, line of sight requirements and overall flight duration create unique challenges for drone operators. Medium and large format sensors acquire much larger areas, but require a much larger investment, or the ability to subcontract out the acquisition. Mapping expenses tend to increase as projects become larger. And using the wrong image processing software can exacerbate this, leading to narrowing project profits. This webinar will show how a higher-end software such as SimActive’s Correlator3D™ can reduce overall project costs. REGISTER HERE.

Specifically, attendees will learn about the following:

  • Common challenges and impact on costs
  • Cost variations as projects increase in size
  • Workflows in Correlator3D to minimize man-hours
  • Accelerating timelines with distributed processing

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