Gilmour powers up with 90kN test fire

By on 25 January, 2021

Queensland’s Gilmour Space Technologies has carried out a successful hotfire of the world’s largest single-port hybrid rocket engine.

According to CEO Adam Gilmour, the 90 kiloNewton thrust achieved in the test constitutes a record for the type of engine design, which will power the first two stages of the company’s Eris launch vehicle, currently under development.

“We achieved a record 91 kilonewtons (or 9 tonnes-force) of thrust in this initial verification test of our main engine. I’m happy to report that all systems performed very well during this 10-second test. Our team will be going through the results and conducting longer duration and higher thrust tests in the weeks ahead,” he said.

Gilmour is working towards a 2022 launch of Eris, with a mission carrying payloads from Australian space companies Space Machines Company and Fireball International.

“Many of our Eris launch vehicle components have completed development testing, and the first flight articles are on the manufacturing floor ready to be assembled,” said Mr. Gilmour. “This is going to be a busy year for us; it’s the year we build our rocket.”

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