Best of the Blogs 4 August 2015

By on 4 August, 2015

london airport

Geoawesomeness shared this amazingly beautiful visualisation of Flights over London. Careful, or you’ll get stuck looking at it.


In a very different London era, this ambitious fly-through recreates with incredible detail what London would have looked like before the great fire of 1666. And as Open Culture pointed out, it’s all based on the actual road grid and available historical accounts of the period.


WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGERY. This article on Scientific American shows how GIS uncovered that a flesh eating fungus can become airborne during a tornado, infecting those in its path, and leading to deadly consequences.


This video from Science Alert shows what it would feel like to be strapped to a rocket and launched into space. Prepare to feel dizzy.


Supporting concerns that it intends to take over every aspect of our lives, Facebook has revealed its scary big wi-fi enabling drone, as shown by Science Alert. It’s wi-fi straight out of sci-fi.


This very Danish map of the world is suitably half underwater. As shown on BigThink, it’s less of a map and more of a miniature flat Earth.


This interactive map, powered by ESRI and shared by The Mirror (UK), shows the timeline of the disappearance and ongoing search for the infamous lost flight MH370.


You might guess that VB is Australia’s most popular beer. But what about the rest of the world? VinePair mapped the most popular beers of every country.



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