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By on 14 May, 2019

The Impact of Trump’s China Sanctions

Maps Mania

On Friday the United States more than doubled the trade tariffs it applies to Chinese goods. American companies buying goods from China will now have to pay a 25% tariff instead of the previous 10%. A cost they will presumably pass on to consumers. Donald Trump’s own economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said that ‘both sides will suffer’ from this new trade dispute.

Chris Whong to GeoHipster: “How we build is as important as what we build.”


Chris Whong is an NYC-based civic hacker, urbanist, mapmaker, and data junkie. He most recently worked as the founder and director of NYC Planning Labs, promoting the use of agile methods, human-centered design, and open technology to build impactful tools at the NYC Department of City Planning.

The Awakening

Map of the week

The Awakening, a cartoon by Henry Mayer about women’s suffrage was published in 1915 in Puck Magazine. It shows liberty marching across the United States from the west to the east. The western states (in white) had all granted women the vote, while the rest of the country was “in the dark” waiting for the march of freedom, which finally came in 1919 with the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

Flattening Mountains: The Complex & Creative Art of Ski Area Cartography

99% invisible

Ski maps around the world have a similar aesthetic and common set of usability design tricks, in no small part because hundreds of them were painted by the same person. James Niehues has been illustrating ski mountains and other destinations since the late 1980s, since the previous master of this niche trade began training him in the art.

A Huge Collection of Maps in Advertising

The Map Room

Tim Wallace has amassed a ridiculous collection of map-themed advertisements from the pages of Fortune magazine. Hundreds of them, running in chronological order from the 1930s to the 1960s.

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