Best of the Blogs 25/3/14

By on 25 March, 2014

Why is Australia so hot?

I couldn’t help but pick this Oz-centric post from Google Maps Mania, where webmaster (are people still webmasters? Blogmaster, perhaps?) Keir has gone and made one of those ‘in-vogue’ Google autocomplete maps for our lucky country.

Yet another from Google Maps Mania’s ‘Maps of the week’ is brim-full of three very interesting maps, including: a (Bing Maps) 3D fly-through of any journey a user wishes; an 1840 version of StreetView in London; and a Hong Kong map of the best neon signs.

At the risk of really overdoing it, also on Google Maps Mania is this map of ‘The Most Famous Locations in Rock” – from ‘the crossroads where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil to the auditorium where Ozzy Osbourne bit the head of an unfortunate bat.’


Ausdroid lets readers know that Google have announced their Mapathon2014 contest, where it’s asking Australians to map their neighbourhoods for the chance to win prizes, including one of 15 Nexus  tablets.


Geoawesomeness is talking about wearable navigation tech – not watches, they’re so passé – but jackets! That’s right, clothing that will tell you where to go.


Nathan’s QGIS Blog has an overview of the different QGIS file types, like qml, qlr, qgs, etc.


Speaking of QGIS, GIS Lounge has a post about the free QGIS Data on Antarctica – Quantarctica – initially created by the Norwegian Polar Institute.

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