Best of the Blogs 21 July 2015

By on 21 July, 2015

pluto before after


The debate remains unsettled on whether Pluto is a planet or not, but this week’s images seems to have people emphatically believing that it’s not so different to a planet like Earth. Geoawsomeness listed the things we have learnt about Pluto in the past week and Science Alert shared a fly over of the Pluto terrain based on data captured by the New Horizons spacecraft.


Google Maps discovered Described as “a journey through space, time, & music,” the interactive map plays the songs that will be heard various distances from Earth. 25 light years from Earth you would hear Mariah Carey’s “Doesn’t Really Matter” Those poor, poor aliens.


Where in Australia can you afford a house? SBS has published an online mapping tool that you simply enter your circumstances and your postcode to find out. Surprise, surprise... nowhere in Sydney is cheap for young people.


Vox featured the Food Capitals of Instagram web-map that revealed that banh mi is big downunder, Japan is Instagram’s curry king and churros are internationally beloved.


This article and video shows how cunning marine scientists are now using 3D scanning and modelling technologies to map (and therefore save) coral reefs while avoiding the harm and labour associated with conventional means.


Geoawsomeness posted this map video from Business Insider that shows how the various major religions spread (and/or shrunk) globally during the course of history.


The City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest initiative has seen some of the 70,000 trees maintained by the city mapped and described. The “email this tree” component also allows locals to converse with tress in exchanges like, “Hello Mr Willow Leaf Peppermint, or should I say Mrs Willow Leaf Peppermint? Do trees have genders?” See the tree’s response and other bizarre exchanges on 1 Million Women.


VIDEO: the never ending applications of UAV is astounding. But I bet you hadn’t thought it could even be applied to binge drinking. Watch these revellers on Dronelife skip the bar and get their shots straight from a drone.


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