Best of the Blogs 17 November 2015

By on 17 November, 2015
Paris Attacks - Guardian

Screenshot of The Guardian‘s map of the Paris Attacks.


In the wake of the shocking attacks in Paris and the Middle East, media outlets did their best to convey the situation using maps. The Guardian created an interactive Mapbox scrolling article with OpenStreetMap data to show where each of the Paris attacks occurred, The Washington Post created custom maps and annotated aerial images and The New York Times showed how Paris was just the latest in a string of attacks, as shown by their global map and timeline.

Meanwhile, Muslims around the world are using the hashtag #NotInMyName to remind the world that ISIS does not represent their religion.


Consider yourself a geographically knowledgeable music fan? Then you should know where the bands Miami Horror and the Hungry kids of Hungary come from. Test your knowledge of geographically referenced band names on The World of Music Map Quiz, shared by Maps Mania.

Keeping things musical, Maps Mania also shared two Road-trip Mix-tape apps that will create a playlist of songs originating from the places through which you drive. Driving from Brisbane to Sydney you’ll hear the likes of Silverchair, Slim Dusty and Grinspoon.


In Google’s hometown of Mountain View, police pulled over a Google driverless car for “driving like your grandma”. Check out Vox to see the image of the suspect in question.


So the theory goes, human beings populated Latin America by crossing the Bering Strait after their predecessors travelled across Africa and then Eurasia, in a journey totalling 35,000km. Now, writer Paul Salopek is re-living all of that with the Out of Eden Walk project and Harvard University collated some of the amazing maps of his epic journey.


If you have ever had a relative complain that technology makes life more stressful, and questioned your career choice, Spectrum has the proof for them that most tech-professionals are actually happy campers.


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