Best of the Blogs 1/5/12

By on 1 May, 2012
Spatially Adjusted has a post outlining Google’s recent release of a game based on Google Maps, and created using HTML and WebGL. It’s a great example of how far browser-based technologies have come in the last few years.
Whether or not you believe in Aliens having made contact on earth, there are many thousands of people whom have seen UFOs (the key here being that they are unidentified – not necessarily aliens). The Unofficial Google Earth blog have posted a few different sites that have compiled the many UFO sightings onto a map, for your browsing pleasure. Those keen to leave terra firma may want to find a hot spot, and wait there, arms outstretched.
Cameron Shorter has put out a call for interest in version 6.0 of the OsGeo-Live DVD. If you have anything to contribute, be sure to drop him a line.
Google Maps Mania highlights an article written by UK Journalist Cal Flyn – clearly inspired by German Green party politician, Malte Spit's Google Map – that shows just how much information your mobile phone company is logging about you. Using data obtained through the freedom of information act, Cal Flyn was able to re-create a year’s worth of movements and show them on a Google Map. Very interesting/frightening.
Related to this is a post over at GeoData Policy telling us that telephone companies in the US are lobbying against a Californian bill that will force them to publicly report the number of times that they report a customer’s location to police.
A short piece by the Sydney Morning Herald talks of how GPS could help in a Tsunami early-warning system, inspired by last year’s disaster in Japan.
GeoIQ have a post talking of a new webmap that visualises the changes occurring due to climate change, so that planners can use the tool to better prepare for the negative effects that lie on the horizon. It’s a good looking map, to boot.
Further to our story on Google’s selling of SketchUp to Trimble, Asian Surveying and Mapping asks the question: Why did Trimble buy SketchUp, and why did Google sell?

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