Best of the Blogs 14/6/11

By on 14 June, 2011
There is an interesting discussion happening around geotagging (specifically geotagging historical photos on Flickr) over at Archives Outside – the blog of State Records NSW. If this is a topic you have some specialty in, or even just an interest, it’s worth taking a look.
Thanks to Iain Stuart from JCIS consultants for sending this in.
Geocommunity have a post outlining a website choc-full of educational geography games. I remember when I was a kid my Grandad would rattle off the names of capital cities, and we’d have to name the country they were from. It’s sort of like that, only replace the nostalgic warmth of a relative with the cold fluorescent glow of a monitor. Joking aside, it is a good resource for teaching your kids about geography.
The James Fee GIS blog has a recount of what went down at the Pitney Bowes Business Insight conference that happened in Las Vegas last week, including an overview of MapInfo 11.
Safe’s It’s All About Data blog has a recap of the Hexagon 2011 conference that just went over in Orlando, Florida. The post focuses on the 3D trend in GIS, where it came from, and where it’s going.
The always fun Google Maps Mania has a post showing off a host of ‘random street view generators’ that – you guessed it – show you a Google Street View of a random street somewhere on Earth. Possibly handy to plan your next random holiday, possibly juts a fun way to waste an hour.
GIS Lounge has a heap of information on the Chile volcano eruption, including maps of the output. If lava and sulphur dioxide are your thing (I know they’re mine).
Infovore has a post explaining what NOT to do in the social media sphere, whereby the fan-made @towerbridge twitter account was commandeered by the official owners, and subsequently completely bland-erised (I can make up words, can’t I?), alienating the original users. It’s not spatial, I know, but it’s a good lesson for anyone wading into the murky depths of corporate social media.
Government Computer News have an article (it’s 5 pages, so I felt funny calling it a ‘post’) on the rise of location-aware smartphone apps that are making people better citizens.
And that’s it until next week! If you see any interesting stories, blogs, or tidbits of joy, feel free to shoot them my way via email or Twitter!

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