Best of the Blogs 10 November 2015

By on 10 November, 2015

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Climate Central has published a series of interactive graphics showing the difference in sea level rise between a +2 degree future and a +4 degree future. Things get deep, especially at the Sydney Opera House.


The infamous Nazi train filled with precious artworks and gold, was allegedly found in Walbrzych, Poland. Search efforts involve surveying with ground-penetrating radar and scanning for mines and poisonous gases. The Guardian interviewed the men who made the alleged discovery.


What must be some rather time-rich government officials in Oslo modelled and built a 3D printed model of the entire city, complete with every sub-metre detail included and regular updates.  Check with the FME blog on how they do it.


Maps Mania made an amazing discovery deep in the rainforest, allowing you to explore in 3D the wildlife, indigenous communities and problems at large– all in the name of saving the world’s rainforests (included on the map are the names of those who have donated).


Maps Mania don’t just find cool maps, they also make their own- such as London 3000AD, a story map showing aliens attacking Earth comic book style. All you have to do is scroll and enjoy.


Geoscience Australia has published a map of Australia’s most unique geological formations, presented as a story map with compelling photos to make you want to start planning your continent-wide road trip.


The MapBox blog showed how beautiful rain can be, by mapping global precipitation predictions in this hypnotic animated map.


What’s the difference between responsible tourism, ecotourism, voluntourism and geotourism? How can GIS shed light on how sustainable (or unsustainable) these forms of tourism really are? Let GIS User take you on a journey.


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