Aerometrex launches 3D mapping service

By on 23 October, 2012
Adelaide firm, Aerometrex, will launch a new 3D mapping service, aero3Dpro, at the Science Exchange in Adelaide, this Thursday October 25th at 5:30pm.
Aero3Dpro models entire landscapes, including high-density urban environments, parks, gardens, suburbs and infrastructure in 3D geometry. It gives all users of mapping and CAD data realistic images for modelling real-world environments, with complete flexibility of viewpoint.
The end-to-end system has been developed in Adelaide by Aerometrex, a mapping company that works throughout Australia.
According to Aerometrex’s Managing Director, Mark Deuter, aero3Dpro is both an information-rich visualisation tool, and an accurate measurement system.
“We can position ourselves anywhere in the model to see a view from that location, and then take accurate measurements or volumes from that point also,” Mark says.
“The video flythroughs we have developed illustrate the extreme flexibility of the system – for example, we can “fly” through the spires of St Peters Cathedral and see all of the external fabric of the building in extremely high resolution – stonework, windows, garden and streetscape. It’s like being in a dream, where everything becomes possible.”
The aero3Dpro system can accept images taken from all standpoints and use them to generate 3D models. These include aerial imagery from aircraft, helicopters and UAVs, as well as street-level imagery. The geometry of every image is analysed and modelled to reconstruct the position of the camera, then used in reverse to re-construct any objects in the images in full 3D.
“The applications for aero3Dpro are enormous and we are delighted with the interest in our product, even prior to the official launch,” Mark says.
“We have recently completed a project for a property development interstate where the aero3Dpro model was combined with highly-accurate survey data and provided a perfect 3D fit.”
“The range of industries that will use the product will be well outside our usual client list and we look forward to introducing this technology to lots of new customers.”
You can view a video of the technology in action here, or, for more information, visit the website at:

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