Position Partners becomes channel partner for Bentley Systems

By on 26 June, 2017

ContextCapture 3D model of the French village of Belves, with (right) and without (left) the underlying TIN.

Geospatial solutions distributor Position Partners has announced an agreement with infrastructure software developer, Bentley Systems, to deliver reality modelling software platforms into the Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian markets.

As an official channel partner, Position Partners will sell and support Bentley Systems’ range of mass data processing, analysis and design tools including ContextCapture and ConceptStation.

ContextCapture allows built environment professionals to create accurate photo-reality models using photographs acquired from cameras or remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS, or drones). It can also incorporate hybrid data from other surveying methods including 3D laser scanning. ConceptStation can then be used to perform advanced infrastructure computations such as road design.

Brian Middleton vice president and regional executive for Bentley Systems said that “to date, surveying, engineering and construction industries have separately advanced to 3D technologies.”

Position Partners and Bentley Systems demonstrate RPAS used for reality modelling.

“Unbelievably, until now, 3D models have been recreated – rather than reused – at each phase. It is exciting to work with Position Partners to enable Australian engineers to gather reality captured survey data in context and cost effectively leverage and update their digital engineering models through the whole construction process.”

Position Partners expect that the huge uptake in RPAS for 3D modelling will see more professionals using reality modelling software like ContextCapture. Position Partners already offer a range of fixed wing and copter style RPAS including the Falcon 8 by Ascending Technologies and the SIRIUS range by MAVinci, both of which have been acquired or invested in by Intel. In addition, the company offers the DJI Phantom 4 and Matrice 100 or 200 copter along with Topcon and Z+F 3D laser scanning stations for terrestrial scanning applications.

“Bentley Systems software platforms complement our range of Remotely Piloted Aircraft and 3D laser scanning systems to give customers an end to end solution for mass data applications,” said Martin Nix, Position Partners CEO.

Introducing the partnership to the Australian market, Position Partners and Bentley Systems recently held five workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide to showcase the use of Position Partners mass data capture solutions and Bentley software in a live environment.

Position Partners and Bentley Systems recently held five workshops across five Australian cities.

“The workshops provided a unique opportunity to walk through a mass data project from start to finish,” said Gavin Docherty, Position Partners RPAS Product Manager. “We used the popular DJI Phantom 4 RPAS to fly a small area before processing the model in ContextCapture.

“There are important guidelines about how to conduct an aerial survey with ContextCapture, and these were also featured in the workshop, along with the latest CASA regulation updates,” he added.

Attendees then participated in a detailed session about ContextCapture, which enables users to model complex built environments, including intricate structures and fine detail such as wiring, that previously could not have been modelled without extensive data manipulation.

OpenRoads ConceptStation offers roadway and bridge design capabilities to help road and land development engineers create intelligent models in context.

ContextCapture also enables hybrid datasets to give even greater detail to models by combining aerial data from RPAS and terrestrial data from 3D laser scanners such as the Z+F range sold by Position Partners.

ConceptStation is then used to design in a live environment, enabling engineers to try different models and overlay them into the as-built model in real time.

“Bentley Systems offers mass data processing solutions for complex infrastructure like no other,” added Mr Docherty.  “When paired with our range of industry-grade RPAS and 3D laser scanning tools, customers are assured of a reliable and accurate solution that will deliver meaningful results.”


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