1Integrate formally launched in Australia

By on 19 September, 2018

TM Plan automatically created utilising 1Integrate. Image courtesy 1Spatial.

Spatial data automation experts 1Spatial signal major expansion into the Australian market with the launch of their do-it-all rules engine, 1Integrate.

1Spatial has hit the road around Australia to launch their in-house 1integrate solution, whilst showcasing the new features of 2018 FME  products to their local user base.

The firm’s 1Integrate launch and FME 2018 workshop in Brisbane kicked off on a Tuesday morning in September with in-depth presentations and live demonstrations of the newest features of FME Workbench and FME Server 2018, while a largely full room of users attentively listened and clarified operation of the new functionality.

As someone previously unfamiliar with FME’s capabilities, the format support and number of extensions, components and data management options available withing this suite of ETL tools was eye-opening.

The second half of the day was dedicated to introducing and demonstrating one of 1Spatial’s flagship products to the Australian market, 1Integrate.

1Integrate is essentially a very sophisticated business rules engine that facilitates programming of rules by non-technical users, and is also able to intelligently transform and change data based on those rules. Finally, the tool gives extremely detailed reporting of non-compliant data, meaning that individual records require human intervention are clearly flagged.

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Duncan Guthrie, 1Spatial’s managing director, said this means that the subject matter experts who best understand the data can configure 1Integrate, eliminating the need for those rules to be translated via a development team.

“For our customers, the people who understand the data best are the subject matter experts, and often in organisations subject matter experts are not developers,” he said.

“They’re the ones who understand what needs to happen with the data the best and they can now actually directly utilise a tool to do that data manipulation.  So it’s putting a very powerful tool in the hands of people who really understand the data.”

In between sessions describing the firm’s philosophy and hands-on approach to developing solutions for customers, and the broad spread of applications for 1Integrate, a number of impressive case studies were presented and stepped through in a live demonstration.

Solving a major data automation process for Google, and automating a gargantuan data submission process for the U.S. Census that allegedly contributed to a projected $5 billion saving for the 2020 Census — these were success stories presented by 1Spatial with a big wow factor, but another application seemed to pique the audience’s interest most.

Lovingly nicknamed the ‘Trenchmaster 5000’, the demonstrated prototype was an application of 1Integrate that may in future be marketed as a standalone software-as-a-service offering.

Having fed the engine 355 pages of rules related to road signage for construction in the UK, 1Integrate was able to automate the survey plan process that could impact the approximately 2 million trenches needed to be dug for British roads annually.

At an approximated departmental cost of 1000 pounds to process each legacy plan application — the automation could reap a savings of 2 billion pounds, whilst also making a massive saving on fuel and humorously, fines accumulated from leftover signage and other human errors related to traffic management.

The afternoon demonstrations of 1Integrate were a highly impressive walkthrough of milestone projects in the firm’s three targeted verticals: transport, government and utilities, with intrigued audience members engaging 1Spatial staff in discussion following each session.

1Spatial finished up their launch tour in Melbourne after stops in Sydney and Brisbane.

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