12d Model – Integrated 3D Water Engineering, Surveying & Civil Design Software

By on 10 November, 2010

 12d Model – Integrated 3D Water Engineering, Surveying & Civil Design Software

12d Model provides the ideal solution for integrating all your survey, earthworks, rail, highway, flood and terrain modeling work. However did you know 12d Model is also used for high level water engineering design solutions?



12d Model distributors have been highlighting to current and prospective clients the power and ease of 12d Model for advanced stormwater and wastewater design and the seamless integration with all other areas of 12d Model project delivery.

Lane Irwin – 12d New Zealand, has taken a proactive approach and both Lane and his team have been holding seminars throughout the country with great success.

"12d Model is well known for being used on highway design, surveying and earthworks projects" said Lane.

"However most people are not aware that 12d Model is increasingly being used on water engineering and rail projects" . "We simply want to get the message out there".



And that is exactly what they are doing because unlike other solutions in the market place, 12d Solutions products are developed to be integrated into 12d Model by experts within the particular specialist field, as opposed to being created by third party providers and marketed under an umbrella brand.

Organisations who use 12d Model well, often have various departments using 12d. For example, with 12d Model, surveyors, drainage engineers, highway and rail design teams, would all be working from the same platform (and could even share the same project!) The two major advantages are software stability and the ability to easily spot any potential design and real world clashes in 3D.



12d New Zealand have been focusing their seminars on 12d Model's Dynamic Drainage product.

The team demonstrates the following features relevant to water engineers:

  • Total network control of pipe alignments and manhole configuration
  • Naming control of network manholes, pits and pipelines
  • Automatic creation of network plan labels (Cad draughting)
  • Automatic creation of long-section plans
  • Catchment labelling and control allowing for variable hydrological characteristics
  • Full hydrological analysis using Volumetric (hydrograph) or Rational Methods.
  • Volumetric analysis using SCS (TP108), ILSAX2
  • Hydraulic analysis using Dynamic Wave or Rational Methods
  • Basin/Pond design
  • Reporting and exporting networks
  • Network quantity scheduling
  • Import and drape aerial (raster) images
  • Creation of river modelling analysis data
  • Export and automatic creation of river analysis data (HEC-RAS project)
  • Importation of HEC-RAS river flood analysis data
  • Flooded volumes and depth analysis of flood data
  • Visualisation of flooded extents

To keep up to date with 12d Model developments, be sure to subscribe to their latest updates at: http://www.12d.com/aus/sales/subscribe-to-news-and-updates/

For More Information On 12d Model

Phone – +61 2 9970 7117
Email – info@12d.com     Web – http://www.12d.com/

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