• Leica’s new airborne LiDAR offers 10x efficiency boost                                
    Leica’s SPL100 reality capture solution uses Single Photon LiDAR to collect 6 million...
  • Leica and Geolantis partner for cloud based utility mapping
    The Leica DX Manager simplifies utility surveying and asset management workflows.
  • Leica’s BLK360 laser scanner claims another prize
    The Leica BLK360 laser scanner has not been released yet, but continues to...
  • Leica’s self-learning GNSS and multistation
    The Viva GS16 selects optimal GNSS signals and stays connected without reference links.
  • Leica Pegasus:Backpack takes innovation top honour
    The award-winning Leica Pegasus:Backpack makes professional mapping more efficient than ever before.
  • Leica releases mobile asset monitoring solution
    Leica has released Jasset, a monitoring solution that locates mobile and semi mobile...
  • Hexagon launches Hexagon Mining
    Hexagon has combined some of its brands to form a new company, Hexagon...
  • Leica adds hyperspectral capabilities to its UAVs
    Leica Geosystems will use Headwall’s hyperspectral imaging sensors in its airborne products.
  • New Leica aerial imagery system
    Leica Geosystems’ RCD30 Penta Oblique system is now available with new optics.
  • A UAV that doesn’t rely on GNSS
    A UAV has been developed to fly without the aid of GNSS, making...


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Leica’s BLK360 laser scanner claims another prize
The Leica BLK360 laser scanner has not been released yet, bu...