Airbus streamlines imagery with One Tasking

By on 26 July, 2016

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Airbus Defence and Space‘s Intelligence division has launched it’s new One Tasking service, streamlining the commissioning of satellites to obtain imagery and making the process risk-free, fast, and incredibly easy.

One Tasking allows you to simply choose the resolution, define the area of interest, schedule the acquisition window, point and click. Airbus are so confident of their new One Tasking image acquisition service that they offer compensation if (ever) they fail to deliver on time.

One Tasking is built into the GeoStore interface and the app offers seamless automation; you can customise the imagery to your specification, accept the quotation and when clear of clouds, automated delivery of validated images within 12 hours of acquisition. Access is 24/7 so now you can respond to an urgent need outside business hours. You can also still rely on our customer service for personalized support.

The four new tasking services (OneDay, OneNow, OnePlan and OneSeries) allow you to choose the time frame and resolution that best suits your application and budget. Book the next pass over your area or schedule repeat acquisition windows to monitor the critical stages of your project. With four satellites, daily acquisitions and colour imagery of 6m, 1.5m or 50cm you can be confident of a result.

The One Day service allows you to choose the exact day you want an image and then book it exclusively. Intelligence supplies a cloud prediction forecast 24 hours before the pass and you can confirm, postpone or cancel your request.

An early adopter of the One Tasking suite is SKYVUW Ltd, a New Zealand based consultancy used One Tasking to overcome a notoriously tricky spot for imagery.

“We needed some fresh 50cm imagery for an agricultural project in the notoriously cloudy Northland of NZ.” Explained SKYVUW’s David Napier. “On Tuesday the feasibility study from the GeoStore interface advised Challenging; well we knew that, and so we were elated by the email on Friday that our cloud free image had been acquired and then 2 hours later to be able to analyse the image.”

You can now access One Tasking online through the GeoStore interface.


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