Geoplex and Planet Labs announce partnership in ANZ

By on 25 November, 2014
Planet Labs

Planet Labs’ tiny Dove satellites.


Geoplex has partnered with Planet Labs and are exploring product applications for clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Planet Labs introduced the ‘Dove’ satellites to orbit our planet and to collect daily imagery for visibility of changes to our world. Their philosophy is to provide open access to visualising our planet. By doing so, they are enabling anyone to learn from this data, make decisions and develop business for positive impact.

This daily imagery will help to provide information for reactive response in disaster relief by enabling quick visibility of changes to the disaster area. Farhad Vladi, chairman for humanitarian disaster response agency, MapAction, explains, “Accurate satellite data can sometimes mean the difference between life and death when coordinating emergency relief operations out in the field. By creating a clearer and more up-to-date picture of the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disaster areas, technology similar to that developed by Planet Labs team will allow organisations such as MapAction to respond effectively, help, and ultimately ensure that aid can be delivered quickly to the people who need it most.”

Planet Labs’ daily satellite imagery enables businesses to access new imagery data daily, and measure changes, for purposes in agriculture yield forecasting, irrigation management, traffic planning and more.

Bradley Lowe from Rosenberg Machinery Group Holdings, a farming equipment and consultation company located in South Australia, explains: “With Planet Labs imagery and post-processing we will be able to automatically inform our customers when unexplained changes have occurred on a property, and where these changes are. Significant time will be saved when crop surveys are focused more on areas that need attention, and less on healthy paddocks.”

Geoplex will represent Australia and New Zealand in the Planet Labs partnership, working with clients in these regions to realise the potential of daily satellite imagery.

“We are currently building tools on top of the Planet Labs API, and experimenting with different applications for this data with a range of companies,” said Rick Bailey, licensed products manager at Geoplex. “As Planet Labs continue to increase their spatial and temporal coverage, we are adapting our product offering. It’s an exciting space to be in.”

“The team at Geoplex immerse themselves in maps and geospatial technology every day, and we’re excited to see the applications they develop using Planet Labs’ daily imagery,” said Beau Jarvis, director of international business at Planet Labs. “We look forward to working together. Timely geospatial information is often difficult to acquire. Planet Labs’ high cadence imagery will empower Geoplex to develop cutting edge solutions.

“Gaining access to daily imagery updates anywhere in our world gives us a new, near-live picture of our planet. We can learn, ask questions, solve problems and make better informed business decisions.”

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