Webinar: Unlock the Value of Data with 1Data Gateway

29 October, 2020 @ 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
1Spatial Australia
1300 290 686
Webinar: Unlock the Value of Data with 1Data Gateway @ Webinar

At 1Spatial we use validation, integration, automation and our rules-based approach to build strong data infrastructures, leading to better outcomes and making your data smarter.

1Data Gateway provides a web-based portal to a smart, simple and controlled way to deliver validation rules, corrections and data enhancement processes for your users with no training required. 1Data Gateway can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise.

1Data Gateway offers internal, external and supply chain users a secure, fully scalable and customisable product to handle both spatial and non-spatial data files. Improve data accuracy and integration across your organisation with 1Data Gateway. Its intuitive interface provides easy and secure access, enabling users to securely upload data and download the results generated.

Join us for a free webinar on Thursday 29th October to hear about 1Data Gateway’s latest NEW features and how it can enhance Esri and FME to automate validation and updating of your data.

We welcome Ricardo Cifres, Product Manager of 1Data Gateway, who will detail some of the many new features that have been added since the initial release of 1Datagateway 2.0 earlier this year. Some of the new features include SQL & Oracle Database support, Scheme mapping, Support of Custom datastore, Authentication enhancements for SAML & OAuth2 and email Server configuration through a UI to name a few.

In addition, Phillip Ridley Senior Business Development Consultant will be demonstrating current case studies showing how 1Datagateway can update large complicated datasets from spatial boundary updates, including integration with Esri file formats and feature services.

We hope you can join us!

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