New Zealand: Digital Twin 2024 Summit

8 May, 2024 – 9 May, 2024 all-day
Mövenpick Hotel Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand: Digital Twin 2024 Summit @ Mövenpick Hotel Auckland, New Zealand

The New Zealand: Digital Twin 2024 Summit will explore the roadmap of digital twin systems and their impact on each stage of a project, and explore the core values, challenges and opportunities unique to the priorities of New Zealand and how digital twins can deliver them.

The event will feature real stories of success and failure, research insights, and focus not just on what has already happened but also on the potential of digital twins and where key opportunities for timely innovation appear to be.​

Delegates will hear from technical experts, industry leaders and researchers in an experience designed to support the development of a dynamic and scalable digital twin ecosystem in New Zealand.

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