Locate Connect: Q&A with Peter Sippel & Nathan Quadros, Veris Australia

26 June, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Locate Connect: Q&A with Peter Sippel & Nathan Quadros, Veris Australia @ Webinar

This presentation will evaluate progress on the 3D Qld RoadMap developed by the 3D Qld joint government industry taskforce in the transformation of the successful, centuries’ old, land surveying practice and law to create a modernised and efficient 3D Digital Cadastral System capable of  enabling integrated approaches to 3D design, construction and management of the built environment. Discussion will include enabling  initiatives such as  the Cadastre Qld Transformation, Digital Twin  for SEQ under the joint government “City Deal” Project, progress on  standards /  legislative enablers as well as market indicators and the significance these projects  play in the RoadMap realisation. The significance of industry collaboration and reskilling were identified as critical aspects in the RoadMap for readiness and the presentation will also address these issues.

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