GeoRabble Melbourne

12 March, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm
The Coopers Inn
282 Exhibition Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Announcing the 16th GeoRabble Melbourne


Leila H.Mirkalaei – Integration of cadastral survey information into BIM

Along with the growth in 3D cadastre, lack of survey information and 2D observations have existed with the current BIM applications. During the 3D building formation procedure, the survey information and 2D observations are only used for cadastral registration and have not been included in BIM.

Sylvia Niderla – The Joys of Mentoring in a Sh*tty World

My experiences with mentoring a GIS Graduate in the SSSI mentoring program 2018 – experiences and lessons learnt.

Dr Jon Stanger – MAGNM – A novel approach to validating and managing networked assets.

Multiple highly interconnected networks (infrastructure, cabling, logical, bearer) can be modelled using classical graphs (mathematical structures that model pairwise object relationships) with Multi-axis Graph Network Model (MAGNM) representation utilizing open source GIS libraries and software.

Mina Jahanshahi – 99 Bluetooth Ballons

If an artist can take a little red cart of phones around Berlin to hack a Google traffic jam, who else or what else will be disrupting our data sources in the future? While we’re hacking away at making our own data, who else is counter-hacking it? How much are we relying on non-standard data sources for our inputs and where should we be trying to find data governance? Interactive talk- for every buzzword I use I ask you to heckle me with a hiss.

Natalie Scott: Lights and Sirens: Building a network for fire appliances

We use networks to answers questions about how long it takes to get somewhere, or how far we can go within a set time. While we are accustomed to being able to answer these questions for cars, how do you go about building a suitable network for a fire appliance? I’ll be talking about some of the different approaches we’ve used, and why it matters.

Want to speak at the next GeoRabble event – email to express interest

The purpose of GeoRabble is to have fun, share and inspire. There are a few simple rules:

  1. Celebrate each others’ triumphs
  2. Respect each others’ choice – no technology bigotry
  3. No sales pitches – this includes services, software, data etc
  4. No company logos or ‘about us’ slides (special exception for our event sponsor)
  5. Keep it short – 10 minutes per talk

* Please note Coopers Inn function room is up three flights of stairs with no elevator access. We are looking for an accessibly Melbourne venue for future events, got ideas? Let us know!

Special thanks our sponsor LandSurveys for making the event possible.

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