Advancing mobile mapping for infrastructure digital twins

14 May, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Advancing mobile mapping for infrastructure digital twins

Bentley live webinar, hosted by Spatial Source

As a result of Australia’s increasing population and unprecedented infrastructure demands, the infrastructure and construction industry is experiencing one of the biggest booms with a significant wave of projects being rolled out across the country and with many more in the pipeline.

With increasing pressure to deliver these projects on time and within budget, infrastructure Digital Twins are providing new ways to visualize assets, check status, perform analysis, generate insights and drive better decisions. The starting point for creating a digital twin is capturing the true digital representation of the physical asset.
This is typically done with various 3D capture systems that can be used to acquire massive amounts of 3D mobile mapping data; imagery, point clouds, indoor and 3D reality models, from cameras and Lidar devices mounted on UAVs.

With the volume of data acquisition expected to grow across all phases of the asset lifecycle, it is crucial that organisations have a strategy in place to manage their 3D data so they can get the right information to the right stakeholders at the right time. Join us for this webinar as we look at how it’s possible to integrate, manipulate, and manage 3D data of any size, from any system. This webinar will cover:

• An overview of Bentley’s recent acquisition of Orbit GT, a worldwide leader in offering standardised Mobile Mapping software products for a complete 3D mapping workflow.
• How you can adapt to an all in one workflow: from Capture to Share.
• User case studies in Transport, Utilities, Survey & Construction, and Governmental sectors.
• How you can use automation tools to extract the digital components from your 3D data.
• How you can bring terabytes of 3D data online and make it accessible to all project stakeholders.

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