Australian Government Data Summit

27 February, 2017 – 2 March, 2017 all-day
Hyatt Hotel, Canberra
Australian Government Data Summit @ Hyatt Hotel, Canberra

Working with ageing IT systems and limited budgets, government agencies need to pull resources together to build a culture of data sharing which enables quick and accurate communication of information.

Advanced analytics, when used effectively, can help predict future trends and assist in policy development, smarter decision making and provision of better service delivery.

Developed together with key industry leaders, Akolade’s timely 2nd Annual Australian Government Data Summit discusses how to advance your data-driven analytics.

Attend and further learn how to:

  • Ensure strong ROI from your data analytics initiatives
  • Develop practical data governance and data quality strategies for success
  • Move towards smarter use of ICT enabled infrastructure
  • Establish an information and data sharing culture
  • Drive better policy decision making and improve future services
  • And much more

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