Precision agriculture symposium comes to Adelaide

By on 4 September, 2018

The 21st Australasian precision agriculture symposium is poised to descend on Adelaide on September 10 and 11, bringing a packed schedule of insight across a range of techniques and agricultural sectors.

The program will cover topics including soil pH mapping, livestock tags, remote sensing, IoT technologies aerial imaging and machine learning.

The conference’s #Learnfromafarmer showcase will feature three young grain producers sharinexperiences in implementing precision agriculture techniques on their own farms: Ben Pratt, (Blyth, SA), Alistair Murdoch (Kooloolonong, Vic) and Chris Russo (Farnsfield, Qld).

Dr Joanna Sharp from Plant and Food Research New Zealand will presenton modelling a spatially complex irrigated maize system with APSIM, and delegates will hear from Food Agility CRC research leader Professor Simon Cook.

Professor Cook helped pioneer precision agriculture within the Australian grains, wine and sugar industries and, with partners, produced the first yield maps for these crops and Chief Scientist Professor David Lamb.

These highlights will feature among 20 cross-sectoral presentations, including research updates from  CSIRO, University of Sydney’s Precision Ag Lab, University of New England’s Precision Ag Research Group, Federation University, Uni SA, Deakin University and University of Southern Queensland NCEA.

A trade exhibition will run for two days in parallel with the presentation schedule, on September 10 and 11 2018, at the Ian McLachlan room at Adelaide Oval.

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