Leica enables 3D deformation surveying from the cloud

By on 26 October, 2016


Leica Geosystems has announced its latest service module, Leica GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition. The new cloud-based module provides surveyors and engineers with a highly productive and simplified service for monitoring and managing 3D deformation of survey points.

The new streamlined workflow eases the critical and often time-consuming tasks of repeated field campaigns for potentially unstable areas for surveying projects. Project responsibles and experts can receive immediate access to monitoring reports of man-made structures or natural dangers from their smart devices.


Clients and surveyors alike can now process and visualise deformation data from any smart device with Leica GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition.

Surveyors can use the GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition service to keep clients better informed by easily uploading coordinates, processing and visualising deformations to immediately access results from any smart device. This Cloud enabled solution offers users one convenient platform for all their existing and previous survey field campaign data.

In combination with the new software, Leica Geosystems has also released the new TPS Monitoring App for total stations and MultiStations using Leica Captivate and SmartWorx software. This new app further simplifies manual deformation monitoring by allowing total stations or MultiStations to automatically store previous job settings and remember them for future campaigns.

By storing the job once on the app, all future control measurements are completed with a single click. This data can then be sent via the Cloud to designated specialists, who access this data from their smart devices in the form of easy-to-interpret graphs and reports.

Michael Rutschmann, senior product manager at Leica Geosystems explains, “Observing point stability on any object or structure is critical.”

“The new Leica GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition lets you manage the deformation results and trends of all your campaign monitoring projects in one easy step and allows you to focus on other aspects of the surveying project.”

Also the measurement cycle of the TPS Monitoring App now creates high quality coordinates incredibly fast and easy because of an integrated quality check, producing error-free results.”

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