Exemptions introduced for driverless cars in South Australia

By on 27 October, 2015

driverless cars

In an Australian first, this month has seen new laws allowing for the on-road trials of driverless cars have in the South Australian.

The Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan will introduce the Bill allowing for ‘real-life’ testing of the technology, positioning the state at the forefront of an industry projected to be worth $90 billion in 15 years.

The bill details special exemptions and insurance requirements for driverless cars involved in trials of driverless technologies in South Australia, including the upcoming trials in 2016. The bill also outlines the ministerial course of action when undertaking trials and providing guidelines to participants.

“We are on the cusp of the biggest advance in motoring since the since the Model T opened up car ownership to the masses,” Minister Mullighan said.

“In July, when we announced that South Australia would host the first trials of driverless cars in the Southern Hemisphere, we sent a message to the world that our state is open for business.

“South Australia is now positioned to become a key player in this emerging industry and by leading the charge, we are opening up countless new opportunities for our businesses and our economy.”

The Motor Vehicles (Trials of Automotive Technologies) Amendment Bill will provide for exemptions from existing laws to allow trials of automated vehicle technology on public roads.

“As the first state in Australia to regulate a framework for such testing, we are opening our doors to global businesses to develop and trial their technologies here, while also creating the right environment for local businesses to grow and flourish,” Mr Mullighan said.

“For instance hardware and software for South Australian-based Cohda Wireless is being used in more than 60 per cent of all Vehicle to Infrastructure and Vehicle to Vehicle field trials worldwide today.

“Cohda is currently working on software for General Motors’ connected vehicle, the Cadillac CTS, which is due for release next year.

“Companies like Cohda are leading the way in intelligent, connected vehicle programs aimed at driverless cars and we want to foster more of that innovation to generate the kind of high-skilled advanced manufacturing jobs we want to develop in South Australia.”

Paul Gray from Cohda Wireless welcomed the announcement.

“As a global supplier of Connected and Autonomous Sensors, Cohda is pleased to have the opportunity to test our products on SA roads,” he said.

Mr Mullighan said that importantly the legislation provides safeguards for the public. Companies wishing to participate in trials on public roads are required  to submit detailed plans to the South Australian Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Government for approval at least one month ahead of the trials. Participants must prove have sufficient insurances to protect the public, and still be subject to penalties for breaching road laws outside the scope of the trial, and produce a detailed report within six months of the completion of the trial.

For further information visit the South Australian Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Government website.


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